February 2017

Recommended for February 2017

ARTIST:  Oddisee   ALBUM:  The Iceberg

ARTIST: Oddisee

ALBUM: The Iceberg

Less than a year ago Oddisee made our recommended list with ALWASTA. The New York based, Maryland born producer/emcee is a model of consistency, and never fails to deliver quality thought provoking hip-hop. 

Recommended by DJ Nate Geezie

Written and recorded in just seven days, DJ Jazzy Jeff assembles a talented team of producers, singers and songwriters to craft this one of a kind project.

Recommended by DJ Cleveland Browne

ARTIST:  The Playlist Featuring Glenn Lewis   ALBUM:  Chasing Goosebumps

ARTIST: The Playlist Featuring Glenn Lewis

ALBUM: Chasing Goosebumps