How Sound Affects....Sneakshot’s Vision


This month's contributor to "How Sound Affects" is Victoria Ford, a concert photographer hailing from Washington D.C.

Victoria created Sneakshot Photography as a way to merge her love for music and passion for photography. She has photographed everyone from Def Leppard to Prince and everyone in between. When Victoria isn't shooting concerts you can find her moonlighting as the Editor in Chief for The Couch Sessions, a lifestyle website that covers music, art, and design, food and drink, film, TV and fashion.

For as long as I can remember Music has been a part of my life. My earliest memories are of the Saturday afternoons excursions to the Record Store with my mother at age 3 –I’ve been digging in the crates for years, son!  My mom used to let me choose whatever record I wanted.  So, at three years old I managed to select the soundtrack to The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh and Foxy’s “Hot Number”, its safe to say I had interesting taste in music from early on.

I recall being totally enamored with Minnie Riperton’s voice on Perfect Angel and totally freaked out by Prince’s Controversy album, wasn’t until I was older that I appreciated him for the musical genius that his is.  Growing up most of the music I was around was majorly Soul Music –so you know the usual suspects; James Brown, Jacksons, Marvin Gaye, Prince, O’Jays, Rick James, Switch, DeBarge…etc (This list could go on and on like a Badu song).


In my early years my mom started my musical tastes off with a strong foundation,  but between 1988-1998, I started to discover other genres and artists who’s music helped shaped me.   Friday nights I’d used to stay up and watch Music Video Connection, it was a local video show that used to keep me hip on what was hot in the R&B and Hip-Hop.  Then I’d switch over to Friday Night Videos, that was a popular video show that featured Pop, Rock  and the occasional Hip-Hop video.  And I can’t forget New York Hot Tracks, the video show that put me on to some of the underground music artists.

Even today as I photograph an artist I listen to their work before the shoot, of course I’ll hear it while I’m shooting –I’m a concert photographer and I’ll listen to that artist’s music while I’m editing the photos; it puts me in the space to see what I heard, to find that perfect moment.

My love for music, attending concerts (thanks mom) and music videos were the catalyst for merging my love for music and photography together. 

Victoria Ford aka Sneakshot
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