How Sound Affects...."Music: Best Enjoyed With Someone You Love"


This month's contributor to "How Sound Affects..." needs no introduction. Phonte Coleman has been making us laugh, think, and maybe even cry for over a decade. As a member of Little Brother, The Foreign Exchange and as a solo artist, Phonte has broken down walls of genre, mixing hip-hop, soul, gospel, blues, and house all with his signature personality, proving there is no box that you can put Mr. Coleman in. Phonte shares some of his first memories of music with us. 

My earliest memories of sound and how it affected me are (like most people, I suppose), rooted in the scattered snapshots of my childhood. 

On Saturday mornings, me and my mother would clean the house to Johnny Guitar Watson

On Sundays, I'd sit patiently and hum along as my grandfather cooked breakfast to The Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Weekends at my uncle's house were an entirely different scenario, as he'd guide me through the ups and downs of my budding teenage dating life to the sounds of Parliament and Bohannon.                                   

When the weather was sunny, I'd sit outside with my stepfather while he washed his Oldsmobile Nighty-Eight in our front yard with Public Enemy blaring from the trunk. The message I gleaned from these moments was simple: Music is best enjoyed with people you love.